HANS LOVREK (born 1955) structured the first Austrian private equity funds in the late nineties. Since then he allocated close to EUR 500m to around 70 different private equity programs. Hans is a recognized specialist among the global network of private equity practitioners. Since 2002 Hans is an independent advisor to several of the larger Austrian private equity investors. In 2007 he founded COMMENDA Private Equity k.s. to better accommodate the different structuring requirements of clients private equity portfolios. Before that Hans was a Managing Director of Bank Gutmann AGs private equity fund of funds and head of M&A. He started the private equity activities of the Bank and continues to serves on the supervisory board/investment committee of a series of fund of funds. Prior to that Hans held various positions as president, supervisory board member and senior advisor in different jurisdictions, including machinery production in Eastern Germany, software development and economic advisory to the government of Austria. Hans Lovrek holds an MBA from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and a Doctorate of Law from the University of Vienna.